Ok so im 29 years old I live in Queenstown New Zealand and I love to travel.

I also enjoy a variety of sports but mainly rock climbing, motorbike riding (on and off road), surfing and snowboarding (when i’m stuck here for winters).

I’m also a little crazy sometimes and i love to party and quite often when i’m traveling i’ll find some crazy party town or hostel and park up there for a few weeks/months. So with only 3 months to get from Hanoi to Singapore the odds are definitely against me.


Hi 🙂

I’m 27 years old and i’m from Chech Republic and i’m an Archaeologist.


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  1. Hi!! I’m Maria and I spent 3 fantastic days around Vietnam with my boyfriend and Mr. Uyen.
    I really recomend Easy Rider Uyen because it is the best option to enjoy, know a lot of Vietnam, visit beautiful places, and have a good time with local people!!
    Mr. Yuen explained us many things about the war, the live style of this amazing country, and we were travelling across the HCMN road! Impressive!!!
    So, if you have time to travel on this way, do it!! you will love it!!!

    Thanks Uyen!!!

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