Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh


Well this was the most uneventful and useless day we have spent riding yet as Ema and me broke up the night before we left. And well Lisbeth Ema’s bike is a little faster than mine because i have a lot of extra gear i carry, tools, spare parts etc… And because we’re not getting along very well she would ride ahead then wait until she seen me coming and before i got to her she would start going again. Now i understand why she would sometimes get fucked off with me as i did that quite a bit when she was still learning to ride but oh well what goes around comes around.

So there were some kool stuff we coulda seen and taken photo’s of but because we weren’t getting along at all we didn’t even stop for food or to take a single photo so sorry there will be no photo’s in this post.


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