Sihanoukvile and Mushroom Point


Arrgh one of my favorite place’s i visited last time although after being here a couple days i can’t remember why.

A view from our balcony at Serendipity beach

Yeh it’s beautiful and the beach’s are amazing but it’s so full of other tourist’s and beggar’s and children trying to sell you bracelets and other people walking round trying to sell you useless crap or give you a massgae. It’s just so annoying you don’t get much of a chance to actually relax and enjoy being at the beach. And forget about leaving your stuff on a chair or something and going for a swim unless someone is watching it for you because before you even get to the water it’d be gone and you’d never see it again.

View of Serendipity from beach level

So we pack our stuff up and headed to another beach away from all the tourist’s, beggars and child slave’s. That beach is called Otres beach. A couple friends of mine told me to skip the main town and head there in the first place but I’d forgotten about it until a tuk-tuk driver asked us if we wanted to go there, then i remembered i had it written down in a small book i have with a lot of note’s and crap written in. They also suggested a nice place with bungalow’s on the beach where we could stay and get some happy pizza.

Looking back into town with a Cambodian tuk-tuk front left

Mushroom Point (aka. Smurf Village)

Smurf Village

Well we got to the place my friends suggested called Papa Pippo and it was fully booked but about 50-60 meters back there was another place called Mushroom Point which looks like a smurf village. All the bunglows here are designed to look like mushrooms and are kool as hell and although there is only 5 of them we were lucky and got there just in time to get one as someone had just checked out. Hell yehhh!!!

Inside our mushroom

Mushroom toilet and shower

We were supposed to be here only for 1 night but we’re still here 4 days later and have no idea when we will actually leave. This place is just that kool. There is still the people mainly children selling stuff and giving massages but not nearly as much or as annoying as Serendipity beach and you can always hide in the bar which is only 10 meters from the water. But even with that this place is still the best we have come across so far.

Some more mushroom’s

Papa smurf’s house

The first night here it was storming pretty bad and our mushroom felt like a ship at sea rocking back and forth, i loved it it was awesome. The second day it wasn’t raining but it was still pretty windy and the sea was hard to swim in with all the waves. The last couple days though have been absolutely amazing. There is hardly anybody around here and sometimes you feel like you have the beach all to yourself.

The calm before the storm

This is by far the best place we have been to so far in southeast asia and we can’t recommend this place enough but to say if you ever come to Sihanoukvile you just have to stay here. Details are as follows:

Adress: Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Phone: +855 97 71 246 35

            +855 78 509 079


Facebook: Mushroom Point – place to be at Otres Beach


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