Crossing the border – Ha Tien to Sihanoukvile


Well not much to report really. It was the most uneventful border crossing I’ve ever had we didn’t even have to bribe anyone even though we expected to.

Vietnam side of the border

Leaving Vietnam

Once across the border there was however a major change of atmosphere although the scenery is much the same. There is simply no traffic compared to Vietnam and we could open up our throttles and go for it. And there was this strange sense of freedom as well. It’s hard to explain but it kinda felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders and i no longer had to watch out for anything or anyone.

The first building is where you buy your visa

This red 1 is where you get your stamps

That was until we arrived in Sihanoukvile and had our first run in with the corrupt cops of Southeast Asia. They stopped us on our way into the city and started to try and freak us out saying we would have to go down to the station and fill out forms all day and pay lots of money etc… The usual bullshit you get from corrupt cops all over the world.

Notice there’s no traffic

Then i simply said, How much???

To which he replied how much do you think you should pay. He was saying it wasn’t a big problem for me as i had a New Zealand driver license but not an international license and could just fill out a form at his station with his boss and pay $50USD. But it was a big problem for Ema because she didn’t have any license at all. So i pulled out a $50USD note and handed it to him and he let us go the robbing bastard. And much to our dismay we found out all we needed to do was pay him $2-5USD and he woulda let us go. Fuckin dumbass but oh well we know for next time.

About the only difference in scenery is that Cambodia’s rice paddy’s have mostly dried up already


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  1. hey Adrian, my name’s Kevin. We met on the road near Hue. I am finishing up riding Vietnam in around 2 weeks and then heading into Cambodia via Ha Tien. Have you had any other problems with the cops in Cambodia, or just this first incident? my email is Thanks for any tips you can dispense

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