Our conclusion of Vietnam traffic


Well what can i say….

It’s fuckin crazy, mayhem, unorganised chaos!!!

There’s also no road rules and i love it!!!

The last toll booth before entering Saigon (not that we actually paid at any of them)

This is a typical market in Vietnam everyone buying everything and anything from there bikes

I think we were lucky to survive it with only one small crash. There’s just thousands of people on the roads at any one time day or night. Most drive (or should i say ride as motorbikes are the main source of transportation here) really slow and careful but as usual you always have the idiots that just go crazy. Some of them are completely mental cruising past you as if your standing still.

A bus pushing us off the road

And quite often people will ride up beside you and start chatting to you while they ride beside you for a while. It’s generally the same conversation every time, where are you from? whats’s your name? where did you get the bike? etc……

This is just one of many local people who started chatting to me

Then you have the cars and trucks that basically say hey i’m bigger and faster than you so get the fuck outa my way. And they say this by using there horns, a lot. And most of the trucks and some cars even the odd motorbike have had extra loud air-horns installed so they are even louder, this makes you think its a really big one so you slow down a little and pull over a bit more and they fly past you. And when you see it’s just a little fuckin twerp on a bike you shake your fist at him and try give chase…..lol not really but you really do want to.

Just a crazy intersection

Some dude riding down the wrong side of the street, nothing outa the ordinary

But that’s not even the worst part of it. The worst is when your on a nice strait piece of road and theres a truck coming toward you then an even bigger truck/bus pulls out from behind it and try’s to pass pushing you and 10 other motorbikes completely off the road and onto the gravel. This is the worst part and it happens constantly all day long.

Just a normal left turn anywhere in Vietnam

There’s also a lot of accidents in Vietnam but i don’t wana talk about it to much just in case i jinx us.

Just 1 of the many accident victims we saw along the way

This Vietnam Traffic is a link of my first ever video compilation of some of the crazy city traffic we encountered. Because it’s my first time editing video it’s not very good but i will get better with others that i will post in the future. This link is for a compilation of us Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail and yes it is kinda long but if you don’t like it don’t watch it.


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