Vietnamese women


Vietnamese women are  famous for their beautiful dark black hair and bright white skin. But it’s not only their look that makes these ladies so elegant. They are very peaceful and patient but at the same time they  prooved themselves like fearless wariors during the Vietnam war. They are very caring with their families  and never hesitate to work hard. It was a pleasure to watch them at work preparing silk fabric and designing my dress or making a meal, they always do their best.

Women from the hill tribes (Ktu, Se Dang, Ede) in central Vietnam work in extremely hard conditions plating tapioca or sweet corn on steep slopes of mountains. Mountain women from Sapa (north of Vietnam) are excellent wavers and there fabric is well-known all over south-east Asia. All these ladies of bronze skin in colorfull dress are charming they even spend all day working on never-ending muddy rice fields. They have our deep admiration although they still don’t have the status they deserve in Vietnamese sociaty.

lady from Saigon

my silk sleeping bag

women during Vietnam war.

dress with traditional round hat

“silk road”

that’s a beauty

traditional sapa dress


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