Ho Chi Minh to the border


This took us 2 days as the first day when we left Saigon its was raining and we also left kinda late so didnt get very far or see much along the way.

Some Vietnamese women harvesting the last of there rice paddy’s

But the 2nd day was the opposite, it was very hot and we rode for what seemed like forever. Plus we saw some kool stuff including getting our first look at the Khumer people of Cambodia. You see about 1000 years ago the south of Vietnam was actually controlled by Cambodia but the Vietnamese took it. And the Khmer people are still the main inhabbitants there.

Ema leading the way to the border

This part of Vietnam is also covered with large rivers and cannels that are everywhere and are in every direction. It seemed like we would cross a bridge every 10 kms or so there were just so many of them. Also we had our 2nd ferry crossing this day. Follow this link to see us loading up on the ferry Ferry crossing South Vietnam and this one to see a small bridge crossing, me asking for directions as well as crossing a typical intersection in Vietnam Riding in vietnam

Some stilt houses built out into the river

The biggest and longest bridge we crossed in Vietnam


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