Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)


What can i say we loved it. We stayed in a nice quite little hotel down a quite little alleyway right in the middle of the main tourist spot in the city.

There was this kool little bar just down the street about 10-15 metres called GO2 bar. It kinda reminded me of the bar and hostel i worked in in Cusco Peru last year called The Wild Rover which by the way you have to go to if you are ever in Cusco. They also served the best breakfast i’d had in weeks. Fried eggs and bacon on toast ooohhhhh yeeeehhhhh!!! And they had real heinz ketchup.

Me eating my eggs lol

Also while we were in Ho Chi Minh city we saw all the usual tourist places including the War Remnants Museum and Woman’s Museum. Ema also went and seen a couple pagoda’s and got sum calligraphy done by an old Vietnamese man who had been doing it all his life and it looks amazing but definitely isn’t the easiest way to write.

Me checking out one of the guns on a HU-1 Iroquois (Huey) helicopter

I tried to leave Ema in the jail but they wouldn’t take her

We also got massage’s and Ema got a manicure and pedicure which was our first in southeast asia but definitely not our last.

Ema getting her nails done

The traffic here is also the busiest and craziest we have encountered yet.

Just an example of a red light anywhere in Saigon. Hard to believe we were in the middle of this and survived to tell the story


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