Mr. Uyen – Easyrider


Uyen our amazing guide

Well we have told you a little about him already but now we will tell you who he really is.

He is one of the kindest and gentlest souls we have ever met. He is in a word amazing. He is 54 years old and lives with his wife and 4 children in Danang city.

Uyen on his faithful steed a Suzuki GN125

As soon as we met him we knew we would get him to take us for a day or 2 just to learn a bit about Vietnamese culture and to show us some of those amazing hidden places only the locals know about. What we weren’t expecting was that he would be so good that we had no choice but to hire him to take us all the way to Ho Chi Minh city.

Uyen leading us down the Ho Chi Minh trail

He always makes sure we were happy and if we weren’t for some reason he would find a way to make us happy. As well as showing us the people and teaching us the culture he also made sure we ate the best local food at local restaurants and paid local prices for everything. Also he would book us into the best cheap accommodation with hot water in every city and town we stayed in. He even ran around all the rooms to find us the best and softest mattress.

He also brought a bag of tools with him to fix anything that would or could go wrong with our bikes. As well as doing all of our daily maintenance on our bikes before we even got outta bed.

Uyen checking my bike after a lunch break at the center of Vietnam

He provides many different services when it comes to motorbike tours of Vietnam including organizing buying or renting motorbikes or simply taking you and your backpack on the back of his bike and if you have friends he can organize his friends to take yours as well. And even though he lives in Danang he can and will meet you anywhere in Vietnam and take you anywhere you want to go or you can leave it to him to make the route of choice.

Uyen leading the way through a small town with me and Ema in tow

We can’t recommend him highly enough and if you come to Vietnam you just have to contact him and see exactly what we mean. His contact info is:

Mr. Uyen

Moblie number in Vietnam: 01686 777 625


Address: 60 Cao Xuan Duc, Than Phuoc, Danang, Vietnam

And if you can’t figure out how to pronounce his name you can call him David. He has special business cards made up with this name just for tourists like ourselves but once you get to know him a couple days you’ll get the hang of his name.


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  1. I was lucky enough to have Mr Uyen as my guide for three days from Hoi An to Hue in Vietnam. I couldn’t have asked for more from a guide. Mr Uyen took excellent care of me, and he helped show me a very different side of the country. He is kind, funny, honest, and genuine. And he speaks English well. Without doubt, Mr Uyen is the best motorcycle guide in Nam. You must try.

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