While Adrian lay dying in the hotel room, i finished a bottle of my bordeaux wine on the hotel terrace and went for a wonder around the city. I took a scooter taxi to the center, which cost me 40,000 dong. I jumped off the bike in front of a nice bridge illuminated by a dozen colorful lights. Under the bridge along the river there was a huge night market and around all that were floating gondolas in the form of dragons. It was getting late and I was quite exhausted of all the extremes after riding in the hot tropical sun, in  heavy monsoon rains and in the mental traffic crowded with hundreds of other bikes. I stopped by our favorite asian fastfood place Loteria and i bought me amazing rice burgers.

dragon gondolas

rice burger

Next day on the way to the Purple Forbidden city i got me a kite with a Phoenix on it in the street. I had no idea where i was so i took a scooter taxi again. (Hue is famous for making kites and on 26th of March every second year there is a popular kite festival.)

All dragons live in Vietnam.

The Forbidden Purple city is an impressive imperial complex built by Gia Long in 1804. The complex is accessible by a monumental gate Ngo Mon, in the central part we find a spectacular Thai Hoa palace (palace of supreme harmony) with a throne in front. There are other pavilions on each sides, roofs are decorated gorgeous dragons like acroteria. Most of pavilions are still under the reconstruction.

forbidden purple city

ceremonial hall

golden dragon


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