Hoi An


By far the best we have seen so far. This amazing little city is the jewel of Vietnam and even being very very touristic is the most amazing place we have seen and we will definately be back to see it again as we only had 3 days here and that just wasn’t long enough.

Almost as soon as we entered Hoi An a huge smile grew on both of our face’s. The atmosphre and feeling you get when entering this little city is like no other we have ever experienced. And as soon as we entered and as if on que a genuinely nice Vietnames man named Uyen rode straight up to us on a motorbike and introduced himself as a guide and asked if we would like him to show us around. As usual we said no but he persisted a little and even followed us when we drove away which was extremely lucky for us as he is now a very good friend of ours. Almost everywhere you go in Asia you get people coming up to you trying there luck to get you to follow them somewhere for something.

Just 1 of the many busy streets that make up Hoi An

Anyway after talking to Uyen for about 5 minutes we decided he was genuine enough to help us find a hotel and wow did he what. He took us to an Amazing little hotel in a very quite neighbourhood just 5 minutes walk from the city centre. After checking into the hotel we sat down in the hotel’s cafe with Uyen and talked to him for a while. And even though it goes against everything we are doing here we decided to hire him to take us to Ho Chi Minh city(Saigon). Best decision we have made so far.

Uyen dropping us off at our hotel

My seat on Sophie has been killing me the last few days and Uyen took my seat back to his home town Da Nang and had it repaired with an extra 5cm of padding ohhhhh yehhhh that feels better. Anyway more about David later.

Hoi An is i think the best place in the world to have tailor made clothes made. I had 2 suits made and Ema Had a dress, a couple pairs pf pants and a top made and all at different tailors but after we got all our clothes back we wished we’d had them all made at the 1 place that was the best. It was also the smallest place we went to called Nhat Lan, Address: 2/2 Le Loi St, Hoi An. There was an amazing women there who sized us up and made all our clothes herself and i’m not kidding when i say she was amazing as all our other tailors we had to get our clothes adjusted at our first fitting then come back to make sure they were right the next day. But here when we went to our first fitting there were no adjustments they all fitted perfect first time.

A very very small amount of the different fabrics colors and patterns you can get clothes made from

1 of my new party suits and walking cane

Check out all the moolar 8,000,000VND
Yay i’m rich hahaha

There is also a huge number of amazing restaurants here but the best we went to was Morning Glory. We went there after meeting a really kool couple from New Zealand in another restaurant and they suggested we go there. It is owned by a Vietnamese lady who takes authentic street foods as well as her mother’s recipe’s and serves them here in a most amazing style. She has also published her own cookbook. There are no words for the tastes we had here so i will leave it at that and if you want to know more you will have to come and try it yourself, and we highly suggest you do!!!

My roast pork and brown rice dish at Morning Glory restaurant

Just 1 of the many amazing views from 1 of the many amazing restaurants in Hoi An

As well as the food the beach here is equally amazing but don’t go to the main beach with all the other tourists because just a short motorbike ride away is An Bang beach which is not near as crowded and much more private. With the warm water and the beach to ourselves we throughly enjoyed relaxing there for the day before going to our tailor’s for our fittings.

Ema enjoying a cocktail on the main beach

Check the reflection in my glasses

Lazy day at the beach

And at nighttime the city changes to an even more beautiful scene than in the day. With colourful lights lighting the streets and candles floating down the river.

Just 1 of the places that light up Hoi An at nighttime


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