4 Days on the Ho Chi Minh Trail


Well we thought we could make it to Hue in 3 days but because of our great sense of direction it took 4.

Day 1

The first day we took the AH1(Vietnam’s state highway 1 and main north-south road) for about 60km to Thanh Hoa and oh my god what a shambles, it’s the worst road i have ever ridden on. After this 60km we took our first chance to go inland to the famous Ho Chi Minh trail and into the mountains. Oh yes what a change and great decision that was. The mounttain roads arn’t just better quality and less traffic than the AH1 but the scenery is absolutely breath taking.

Riding through the mountains with breath taking views all around us

This is just 1 side of the road

Because we spent so much time on the AH1, we only made it a little past Sao Vang where we found an amazing little hotel with a great cafe beside it. It was an open sided cafe with no walls and just a little bar but it did have a giant flat screen T.V with cable. And a few friendly locals who we smoked local tabacco with through a water bong(a piece of bamboo about a foot long with a cone piece halfway down it and filled with water). Also i remember when we first got there there was a power cut but we had been rained on for a few hours while we were riding and were just glad to be somewhere with a roof so didn’t care and headed straight to the cafe for a beer.

I’ve met Nguyen at the end of our hallway on a balcony. He didn’t speak any english . I’ve just pointed  at a bamboo platform where rice bread was drying, so he invited me to the local family to make my own rice bread, which was a great experience. A Vietnamese lady heated fuel in a metal pot and roasted a round rice sheet at the backyard of her house. It was nice and crispy and with sesame seeds tasted so good.

Making rice bread

Day 2

This day was the worst weather wise but the best scenic wise. It rained most of the day, plus we got lost….a lot. Also Ema had her first real crash today. And it was a head on crash too….litterally she rode head on into a cow…..yep that’s right a cow….Ok so it wasn’t really her fault there was this guy in front of her with basiclly a tree on the back of his bike, you couldn’t see shit in front of him and when he slowed down she pulled out to pass him and by the time she seen the cow it was to late. I saw the whole thing happen in slow motion bout a 100 metres back, it was awesome!!! The cow escaped unscathed and Ema just banged up her knee.

Ema’s battle wounds

This day we done quite well despite getting lost and spending most of the day riding round rice paddy’s looking for the actual Ho Chi Minh trail we actually covered quite a lot of ground and made it down to Duc Tho just below and inland from Vinh.

Day 3

I dont actually remember much bout this day except it was raining and shit. We got real lost this day and ended up 60km in the wrong direction. But we found some kool caves….at least we think they were kool by the time we got there they were closed and they wouldn’t let us in. We actually thought it was a resort and tried to ask if we could stay there the night cos it was getting late but they just laughed and told us to get out. So by the time we actually found a hotel it was pitch black and we had no lights so that was an interesting ride especially with all the fuckin mosquito’s and no visor on my helmut. We ended up having to ride behind a truck just so we could see using his headlights.

Just an amazing picture of a local mountain girl we thought you’s would like

Day 4

Well this wasn’t a bad day we actually made it to Hue but by the time we got there i was seriously ill(Dehydrated). It totally destroyed me and i spent the next 36hrs in bed not really moving but moaning a lot and the worst thing no english T.V. Last time i was in Hue 4 years ago i was also very sick but with food poisioning. Whats the fuckin chances aye 2 times in 1 city 4 years apart and i still don’t know whats there just the inside of 2 different hotel rooms.

HELP ME!!! I’m dieing


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    • Thank you so much for your comment we really appreciate it and we wish we were famous but this is actually our first ever blog and we just started it about a month ago.

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