…… to Ninh Binh


We finally left our little paradise and headed south to Ninh Binh where there is a little place called Hoa Lu which used to be the capital of Vietnam in ancient times and there is supposed to be a massive temple complex here. This was easily the most dangerous and exciting ride we have had yet.

It was pouring with rain when we set off and not more than 1hr later we found ourselves riding through 1-2 feet of water and this is in the middle of the road, when a car kums and push’s you to the side then it gets a little deeper. And even though it was raining it was so much fun and a little cooler when the sun isn’t frying us. Also my US army issue poncho isn’t worth shit as 2 mins of rain and i was soaking wet so i found a nice stinking rubbish bin for it and there it lies now. Also our pre laminated waterproof maps arn’t as waterproof as advertised lol.

Then bout an hour later and a few wrong turns i felt some gas leaking outa my carburator and onto my leg. Oh shit first problem already but nothing major when a local man pulled ova not 2 minutes after i started looking at it and basicly pushes me aside and removes the carburator where a lot of crap from the petrol tank has collected. So he cleans it out and pretty much empty’s my tank to clean the rest out and takes me to a petrol station to get some fresh gas.

Ok kool so we on the road again but now there’s another problem and my bike keeps dieing and is a pain in the ass to start but luckyly we find a mechanic who rips my motor apart and replaces a couple small parts. This takes another 2hrs then we’re on the road again but now my throttle sticks on and when i go faster i cant slow down using the engine i have to clutch and brake which i forgot to mention the water kinda killed my brakes too. It’s a pain in the ass when ur at a set of lights and everyone is stareing at you because your motorbike is reving its tits off.

Anyway just down the road is a Honda shop so we pull in there and a half hr later all is well, we even managed to get Ema’s lights working here….at least for a while. It starts to rain again and both of our bikes decide fuck that and all our lights and indicators now stop working. But at least mine don’t make a pain in the ass buzzing like Ema’s. You see the bikes we have make a buzzing or beeping sound when you indicate so you remember to turn them off and Ema’s just won’t stop so it’s in the shop again today but me i just dont care i’m not even gona get them fixed cos some more rain will just kill them again, besides no one uses them anyway and a lot of people dont even ride on the right side of the road.

But here we are in Ninh Binh anyway and what an adventure it was getting here lol off to see the temples now see ya!!!


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