Hoa Lu


Well we didn’t find the huge complex we thought we would but instead found a couple of smaller temples and then with some back country exploring we found a huge monastery which was amazing and well worth the detour.

This is 1 of the smaller Temples

These are the back country roads we were exploring

The monastery consisted of a huge wall surrounding the whole place and various small buildings where youcan bring offerings to Buddha as well as 2 main buildings the first which has a single giant golden Buddha and 2 smaller but still giant statues of some other monks. The second main building has 3 giant golden Buddha statues and are by far the most impressive i’ve ever seen.

This is an overview of the whole complex

This is the main building with the 3 giant Buddha’s

The first main building with 1 giant Buddha

The second and main building with 3 Buddha’s

Also around the inside of the walls are hundreds of smaller statues of different monks and behind them are even smaller golden statues of Buddha.

These are the smaller ststues of the monks surrounding the inside of the walls

Also we saw the biggest and highest Pagoda either of us has ever seen.

This is the largest pagoda we have ever seen




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