Halong Bay


Well the bay and the boat trip we took was amazing but we didn’t like the city very much it was kinda expensive and our hotel room stank and air-con didn’t work. Also 1 of the blankets we had had some sort of bed bugs in it and we both woke up in the middle of the night scratching like mad.

The boat trip we decided on was just a half day tour because it was so expensive to do any of the overnight tours. And with our bus arriving over an hour late we thought the day would be a complete disaster but what we wern’t counting on was a lovely young Vietnamese couple on the boat that even though they didn’t speak any english were amazingly friendly and fun. They bought us lunch and beer which we eagerly ate and drank. The fresh seafood was so amazing i can’t even begin to describe it.

The trip consisted of a boat journey to 1 of the closer islands where we got off and went for a walk through some amazing caves, then back on the boat and over to a floating fish farm to get all the ingrediants for the fresh seafood meal they cooked on the boat, then another short boat ride to a small private beach to go for a swim. After that we were back on the boat for a bit of a tour around some islands and back to dry land. So over all it was another great and amazing day in Vietnam.


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