Halong Bay to……..


After our horrible hotel in Halong Bay and even though it was pretty late in the afternoon and we only had bout 3hrs of daylight left we decided it was time to leave.

We knew we couldnt get to our next location but who cares anything is better than being some stinking bugs midnight snack so off we went. We didn’t get far before we decided we were to tired to go any further, but at least we were outa Halong.

With nothing but pure luck we found this absolute amazing hotel in some town where we are now. Clean sheets with no bugs, air-con that works, a kool balcony where we can jump onto the neighbours roof and drink beer and HOT water.

I dont know what this place is called because it’s not on our map and no1 here speaks any english not even hello. Finally thats what we have been looking for the real Vietnam experience.

We’re just glad we’ve got the whole tourist thing outa the way now and can get on with our real adventure. Exploring all the little towns and villages off the beaten track that the tourist’s don’t go!!!


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    • Yeh we know but its so fuckin hard to find an internet place over here that has USB so we can upload pic’s and then when we do find it the bloody computers wont let us log into our blog

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