OHHH YEEHHH!!!! We Have Bikes


Coung’s motorbike shop.

Adrian with his bike Sophie.

Ema with her bike Lisbeth.

So yesterday we actually bought our bikes. We both bought Honda Win 110’s, i got mine off Cuong for $300USD as planned. You can find him here http://www.cuongs-motorbike-adventure.com/

Ema bought hers off an Aussie guy(Neil) we met yesterday for $150USD and paid Cuong an extra $150USD to get it up to scratch for our journey. This included new front suspension, new rear tyre, new speedo, new chain, new front end of the motor as the bolts that hold the exhaust on had broken off and a few other little things. But now we’re ready to roll!!

We also bought sum saddle bags for 1 of the bikes as well as some tools and spare parts. We got a cresent(adjustable spanner), flat head and phillips screwdrivers, tyre removal tools and an air pump, zip ties, a can of RP7, duct and electrical tape and i have a leatherman. Parts we got 2 spare inner tubes and 2 spare spark plugs and i still need find clutch, accelerator and brake cables.


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