A night in Singapore


Still hairy and sweating like a donkey

Well at last we arrived in Asia, Singapore. We have a 16hr stopover here and instead of sitting at the airport we spent our first night in Little India Singapore and well Asia is everything i remembered…..amazing!!!

Although i’m sure they we’re trying to kill me with the spicy food we ate for dinner lastnight. Some toliet is gona pay for that today. Ema isn’t impressed with the cold showers as there isn’t many places around that have hot water

Looking for breakfast

but me i loved it it brought me back from the dead!!!

Also Singapore is expensive as hell can’t wait to get to Vietnam. We were having a beer and watching the rugby and the beer was the same price we pay at home. Anyway we’re bac at the airport and gettin ready to go to vietnam oday and look for our bikes. Ohhh yehh!!!


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