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OHHH YEEHHH!!!! We Have Bikes


Coung’s motorbike shop.

Adrian with his bike Sophie.

Ema with her bike Lisbeth.

So yesterday we actually bought our bikes. We both bought Honda Win 110’s, i got mine off Cuong for $300USD as planned. You can find him here

Ema bought hers off an Aussie guy(Neil) we met yesterday for $150USD and paid Cuong an extra $150USD to get it up to scratch for our journey. This included new front suspension, new rear tyre, new speedo, new chain, new front end of the motor as the bolts that hold the exhaust on had broken off and a few other little things. But now we’re ready to roll!!

We also bought sum saddle bags for 1 of the bikes as well as some tools and spare parts. We got a cresent(adjustable spanner), flat head and phillips screwdrivers, tyre removal tools and an air pump, zip ties, a can of RP7, duct and electrical tape and i have a leatherman. Parts we got 2 spare inner tubes and 2 spare spark plugs and i still need find clutch, accelerator and brake cables.


Vietnam At Last :)



Well here we are in Ha Noi at last.

Ohhh yehhhh we’re millionaires. Your looking at bout 4-5 million dong!!!
About $200USD lol but it still feels awesum to have that much cash in your wallet

Ok so all the research i’ve done over the last few months say that if we are to buy Minsk’s then they must be bought or at least serviced by Cuong or you wont get outa Ha Noi without breaking down. This is where we have run into our first major problem. Cuong now owns his own shop and is not at the old shop where you can buy the Minsk. He has done this because over the last 20 years all the Minsk’s here have been ridden into the ground and they are just not reliable enough to make a trip like this anymore and it has been tarnishing his great reputation.

So in short he refuses to sell or even service a Minsk these days. All he has at the moment is 1 Honda Win and a few Honda Wave’s and well there’s no way in hell either me or Ema is going to be doing this trip on a scooter. We did however find a Yamaha GN125 which Ema has fallen for so if we can find enough spare parts then that will probly be her choice of bike. However i’m not going to be swayed that easy and will go back to Cuong’s today and see if i can’t offer him enough money to make it worth his while to sort me out a decent Minsk. All we know for sure is that no matter what the bike’s we buy will either come from Cuong himself or be serviced by him before we leave because after meeting him and all the other people selling bike’s here he is the only 1 that we trust as he is straight forward and honest and everyone else just wants our money.


Tiny plastic chairs where you sit when you have a beer or food at the street.

Our first night in Hanoi we had street food with the locals. Our experience is that these places arn’t for people over 70kg as Adrian sat down and broke(destroyed) there tiny little plastic chair. Then he jumped up and rushed us away because he didn’t want to pay for it.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

It’s not everyday you get to go and have a look at an embalmed body. But today we did and well no offense to Ho Chi Minh or the Vietnamese people but he kinda looks plastic but i think thats just what happens when you get embalmed. We didn’t have a guide to tell us anything about it but from my last visit i remember but i may be wrong so don’t take this as fact but: i remember being told that Ho Chi Minh’s last wish’s were to be cremated but the vietnamese people loved and adored him so much they send him to Russia for 3 months every year to re-embalm him. You can’t take photo’s of the inside of the mausoleum or even take your phone in there with you so if you want to see him you’ll have to come here yourself.

Ho Chi Minh himself is inside these walls!!!

A night in Singapore


Still hairy and sweating like a donkey

Well at last we arrived in Asia, Singapore. We have a 16hr stopover here and instead of sitting at the airport we spent our first night in Little India Singapore and well Asia is everything i remembered…..amazing!!!

Although i’m sure they we’re trying to kill me with the spicy food we ate for dinner lastnight. Some toliet is gona pay for that today. Ema isn’t impressed with the cold showers as there isn’t many places around that have hot water

Looking for breakfast

but me i loved it it brought me back from the dead!!!

Also Singapore is expensive as hell can’t wait to get to Vietnam. We were having a beer and watching the rugby and the beer was the same price we pay at home. Anyway we’re bac at the airport and gettin ready to go to vietnam oday and look for our bikes. Ohhh yehh!!!